Friday, November 26, 2010

Whats this? A Sequel?

Heres a brief write up of Crush 2. Temporary name is Blitz.


Room Size: 320x240

Circle 16x16

Your Boss, Crush has been defeated by an unknown square. Crush is located in the
bizzare world that has no color at all, except for some colored stripes.
You, Blitz, must venture into the unknown and find the way into the bizzare world to save

30 levels featuring 3 different worlds.
3 Boss battles
5 different kind of enemies.

Chapter 1
"???: Blitz, we have a mission for you.
Blitz: *sigh* What is it this time?
???: Its crush, he found his target and trapped him in a bizzare world,
but the target overpowered Crush and escaped.
Blitz: And?
???: Cursh is dying.
Blitz: Guess a better head off then.
???: Would be wise."

Noobee ~ Runs round and thats about it.
Orangee ~ Has powers of an orange. Tastes sweet, looks ugly. Tough Skin.
Lemonee ~ Has electrical powers, very weak ones though. Weak. Fast.
Knitee ~ A Blueberry with a sword. Strong. Lots of health.
Jolteree ~ The strongest of the strong. The most powerful lemon you will ever come across.
It can power 5 LED's at once.


Fire Bat ~ A weak fire like bat, can spit fire. Has a decent amount of health,
easily bet when resting.
Icipear ~ A pear with a very cold core. It can freeze you with a lightest touch when in
Kiwikee ~ The strongest of any enemy you will face in the game. It has a lot of health.
Strong powers. Can regain health when needed. This was the hero you were in

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