Friday, November 19, 2010

Climb Review

Climb was Made by Blok Studios. 

Sure, your a square, but that is Bloks style right?
Anyway, the graphics are pretty sweet. (not just because I like retro games) They are simple, but nice, they do the job.
The music was pretty cool to! I liked the 8-BIT style.
The controls were SO easy to get use to, because they were the arrow keys.
Ok, so gameplay. It's just another platform game right? Wrong. There is red hot lava filling the room! This is where the main theme of the game comes in. Heat. There are some pretty annoying things to the game, Fake Blocks. But these fake blocks can help you when trying to beat the level! Madness you say? Well, no, no it's not. Try going to the left on level 1.
This may not have been to much of a review, but I suck at reviewing stuff. (this game does not suck though.)

I recommend you PLAY this game and visit Bloks SITE.

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